Welcome to The Game

Should you wait for them to say I love you first?

Should I offer to pay for dinner even though I don’t want to?

Should I be less picky about how they chew their food?

Should I just tell my friend that he’s not going to call?

Should I interfere with boys night?

Should I tell him I hate him when he does that?

Should I tell them that if the sex is not good now, it probably won’t get better?

Should I reconsider that it might not be him, it might be me?

These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves everyday.  By being a busy young professional in the city of Toronto do we even have time for love anymore? At a time in your life when getting a pimple is still as big an issue as what to wear to work and handing in your assignments on time, how do we find a place for a relationship in our lives?  And most importantly, what do we do once we have found love?

This is an inside look into the lives of two friends trying to make it in the big city while still trying to keep our heads and hearts above water and be normal.

What is normal anymore anyways?

This is our story, this is The Game


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