Are Men Just Really Big Babies?

It has come to my attention in the recent years that men are somewhat helpless in my experience.  It seems as though they move on from their mothers to their girlfriends.

Now, I understand this isn’t a statement to be taken lightly and please I greatly encourage you to prove me wrong.  However dealing with a sick boyfriend who has just done a 180 from being a normal man to a three year old whimpering and complaining that he doesn’t feel well, concern is growing.

It worries me when you ask your significant other if he can please make dinner tonight and he looks at you and says “well what do you want me to make?” or “we don’t have anything to make for dinner,” well sir we did just get groceries yesterday, so I’m sure you can find something.  To which he then looks back at me like I’ve just asked him to assemble a rocket ship.

How does this happen?  Have I encouraged it all along by just taking the role of the nurturing one in the relationship, I feel its just second nature to me as a woman.  But how to you take care of things while trying to make a point.  I mean I really don’t want to be made a box of pasta for my dinner.

Is every man like this in some way?


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