The Obligatory Valentines Day Blog

I’m not sure if theres something wrong with me as a woman but, I’ve never been particularly into Valentine’s day.  Maybe because most years I never had a significant other to shower me with love and affection…and chocolate.  I mean besides my mother.

But I feel like day after day this year my friends have been asking me what me and my boyfriend are doing for the big night and I always reply with, “I’m pretty sure we’re not doing anything.”  To which they all look at me like I’ve just shot a kitten.

I just don’t feel like a I need a particular day to show my boyfriend that I love him.  Pretty sure that’s what his birthday is for!  Oh, and our anniversary! Not to mention his birthday is two weeks after, thats a lot of events to pack in during midterm season.

If life, and hallmark, are going to force us to celebrate such a day filled with nonessential items that will inevitably be eaten or wilt, I would much rather it be a day to appreciate my friends and tell them how much they mean to me.

Therefore, I now dub Valentines Day to be Love One Another Day.  But, seriously this is my new holiday I don’t want to hear anything more about Valentine’s Day because I may throw up soon.


2 thoughts on “The Obligatory Valentines Day Blog

  1. Agreed. If your significant other doesn’t know you love them unless you make Valentine’s Day a big deal, you need to re-evaluate your relationship. Also, my boyfriend and I never buy each other gifts. We always go away for a weekend or day trip. It’s much better to make memories than buy gifts.

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