Is Anyone Else on a Month Long Period?

February.  That horrible month where you feel depressed, moody, and like your period decided to stick around for the entire month.  Every year we experience these drastic winter blues.  Our careers our not going the way we planed, boyfriends are not understanding our drastic mood swings, and we almost murdered that homeless person asking us for money on the street corner.  It is a month of hell, that reeks havoc on both our careers and our men.

We are over worked with no vitamin D to save us from devastating exhaustion.  We sacrifice our social lives to fit in every deadline and yet still feel like we never measure up.  And then there is the strain on our relationships due to the fact that we developed a small case of Tourettes.

It is like a winter wasteland where there are no survivors.  Men don’t know how to deal with our small outbursts.  All we really need is a cuddle or a, “baby it will all work out.”  Even if we know that our lives are not over we just need our men to say it out loud.  Unfortunately most men either look at us with confusion or go out to get milk…… and never come back.

Are we ever going to get over this winter depression? Will men ever know how to properly support our mood swings during this month?  Or any month?  Or will they all leave when the times get rough?

Or maybe late, on the most cold and lonely night of February, he shows up with a smile and eyes full of love.  And maybe, just maybe you will survive till next February.


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