Deal Breakers

Me: Tell me something interesting about you.

Cute Man: Like what?  What do you want to know?

Me: I don’t know, surprise me!

Cute Man:  Well I am getting through a messy divorce and have two children.


So that was my deal breaker.  How could I date a man with children?  I have more vodka in my fridge then food.  I can’t date a man with rug rats, even if he was drop-dead gorgeous.  But we all have deal breakers, you know those tiny little flaws that will determine whether or not we move from dating to a monogamous relationship.  Some are small like not paying for dinner.  Whereas some are larger, like going through a divorce.  The point is we all have them.  So I started asking the question, “What’s your deal breaker?”

Robin’s Deal Breaker:  “A man who has no ambitions in life and just sits in his basement smoking pot and playing video games.”

Sheila’s Deal Breaker:  “A man who can’t form a tangible sentence or tell you what he is actually feeling in the relationship.”

Yasmin’s Deal Breaker:  “Someone that lives with too much shit and doesn’t know who they really are.”

Martin’s Deal Breaker:  “A girl who never gets off her phone and uses too many F*#$ing emoticons.”

So it is clear that we all have various deal breakers.  What are we able to live with in a relationship?  Are some flaws forgivable?  Or are some flaws just deal breakers?

What is your deal breaker?


3 thoughts on “Deal Breakers

  1. I think that all of those deal-breakers your friends have listed are very viable choices, but my deal-breaker is a man that has no ambitions as well. They need to know either what they want for their own career or have a career laid out already. Motivation is key, if they’re driven in life they’ll be driven to make a relationship work. Do you think that by having a deal-breaker, you’re unfairly limiting some people out?

  2. Amen!!! I believe a man should have a job or at least have ambitions. And for the second part of your comment, I don’t think we are unfairly cutting people out. I mean when it comes down to the relationship, you have to be happy in the relationship to make your partner happy as well. If you over compromise then you will be hindering not just your best interest but your partner’s as well. And besides one person’s trash is another’s treasure, so if you don’t like the jobless guy I am sure someone else will…… Maybe 🙂

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