Pick, The Raccoon or Me?

Now I know this title startles you, and yes this was a question I had to ask a man once.  I have had to fight a few dogs, and even some charming cats for a man’s affection.  But never did I have to fight for a man’s love with a dirty little raccoon.

Let me start this tragic tale with when we first met.  I was bar-tending at Chiko’s for the time, saving my tips for tuition and vodka, when I met…. lets just call him Dick.  My co-worker Shane came in for a drink to keep me company at the bar and he brought his very cute friend, Dick.  So naturally I was flirting with Dick, one because he was cute and two to get a better tip, and we were really hitting it off.  After my shift was over and I was shutting down the bar he invited me to go out with him and a few friends, he said there would be vodka so I couldn’t turn it down.

After a few weeks of casual drinks, dinners, and some hot cuddle sessions we started to see each other on a regular basis.  One day while I was running to my tanning appointment at Sol Exotica I got a call, it was Dick.  Naturally I picked up my Torch with giddiness and before I could get a few words in he said, “My friends and I found an abandoned baby raccoon and I decided to take care of it!”  “What?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Everyone in the salon stopped and looked at me, I forced a smile and said, “That’s great honey.”

Now I have to admit this damn little thing was cute, but every time I came over Dick abandoned me to play with the baby raccoon.  The little creature was friendly with everyone, except me.  When I looked in those beady  black eyes I could tell that we were both competing for the same …. Dick.

One night, as I was sleeping over, Dick thought it would be cute to put the little monster on me.  I naturally freaked out, jumped out of bed and screamed, “That’s it! Pick, the raccoon or me?”

So as I was walking back to my apartment, and wishing I had a dirty vodka martini in my hand, I thought one more disappointment to add to failed dating list.  Who wants a man who lives with a rodent anyways?  I knew that I would find my man…..eventually.  Lets just say, to this day I can’t look at a raccoon without wanting to give it a good kick!!!


4 thoughts on “Pick, The Raccoon or Me?

  1. I can’t believe you made him chose!! Baby raccoons are so adorable. If someone told me to chose between him and a pet I would probably chose the pet too, because it would make me think he was needy and high maintenance!

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