Sex Shower Injury

We all have crazy sex stories, but when my friend Scott let his little story slip over coffee I knew that I needed to write about this sexy excursion.  So lets rewind a little bit.  I decided to meet up with my long time friend Scott over coffee just to catch up on our career developments, rent issues and of course dirty sex stories.

Naturally I took the lead talking about my extremely chiseled boyfriend and our wonderful sexcapades, which slowly moved towards crazy and unique sex stories.  Scott, a very cute gay man, started telling me about a blissful evening that turned into a night in the emergency room.

So, like most gay men, Scott hit the very popular gay bar, Woody’s.  There he was hypnotized by the taste of cheap beer, men in extremely tight shirts, and flamboyant Drag Queens.  Soon he was heavily petting a young hottie and they were jumping in the back of a cab to his place.

After some intense foreplay they decided to move the action to the oh-so-popular shower.  After starting some dirty, drunk, shower sex Scott found him self on the floor of the bathtub.  Yes my friends, he fell during sex in the shower.  He quickly recovered and finished giving it to his sexy counterpart.

After his hot one night stand kissed him goodnight at the door, Scott started feeling intense pain on his side.  After an hour of horrible discomfort Scott headed to the hospital.  Finally after two hours of waiting in the emergency the doctor told Scott he had broken a few ribs.  Naturally he didn’t mention that he was engaged in dirty shower sex with a random when the injury occurred.

After finishing my coffee I asked him, “Was the sex really worth the pain?”  He looked at me with a smile on his face and said, “Worth every pain-killer I had to take.”


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