First Impressions: 3 Strikes and You’re Out

We constantly grow up hearing that first impressions are everything.  They are the instant ideas that are associated with us when meeting new people… or lovers.  I have addressed the concept of deal-breakers when it comes to dating, but what are the rules when it comes to first impressions?  We all seem to have different rules for our individual games of dating, but what is fair?

I have always seemed to have strict rules. One mistake and you’re gone.  But how many chances should someone get to prove their real personality.  Should we wait a little longer to see the real person without the added stress of first impressions?  And how long is too long?

Anyone who is familiar with my life knows that I might as well have a video camera following me around at all times.  Anything that can happen always seems to happen.  So first impressions can sometimes be a challenge for someone who has a life similar to Bridget Jones.

My story starts with a man named Tanner who possessed the four S’s; six-foot something, smart, successful and sexy.  After meeting at a friend’s CD release party my vodka-buzzed courage set a great first impression on Tanner.  He decided to ask me out, and that was the start of my shameful 3-0 loss.

Strike One: First date was at Blowfish, and thanks to my chopstick skills, most of the sushi ended up on my lap.  Luckily he found my sloppy sushi technique adorable.

Strike Two: After a great date with Tanner I sent a text message to my girl friend saying, “He is so great and I think we are really hitting it off!”  unfortunately when I hit send I realized I accidentally shot my message to Tanner.  Luckily he felt the same way so I survived my careless texting accident.

Strike Three:  He invited me out to a club with his friends and I depended a little too much on my vodka-buzzed courage to set a good first impression.  I got so drunk I hardly remember meeting his friends, or the rest of the night for that matter.  The only thing I do remember, and wish I didn’t, was throwing up in his bed when he was trying to take care of me.  I had lost the game.

Game over.  My first impression left a lasting one.  But I am pretty amazing… or at least I like to think I am.  If it was not for my first impression nerves Tanner would have gotten to know the real me.  But how many strikes should one get before you see their true sports stats?  How many strikes would you give to your date?  Or more importantly, how many strikes should your date give you?


2 thoughts on “First Impressions: 3 Strikes and You’re Out

  1. I think 3 strikes is pretty fair! After meeting someone on three different occasions I think you have a pretty good idea of their character and whether or not things are gonna work out.

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