The Hardest Breakup

Breakups.  We all have been through one.  They trigger depression, anger, and slight bipolar behaviours.  And even though you feel like at the time you will never be able to pull yourself out of bed, the feeling eventually passes.  Because really when you think of it, the city is crawling with men and if that jerk wasn’t smart enough to snatch you up another guy will.  And of course a little bit of retail shopping is sure to get you out of any post-traumatic stress from a breakup.

But what about those relationships that are stronger than any connection with a man?  They are there for you through career promotions, bad breakups and accept the weird little habits you have when no one is watching.  What happens when you and your good girlfriend have to go your separate ways?  You can’t just go to your local neighborhood bar and find another best girlfriend.

I mean life happens; people get married, separate work lives get busy, or someone leaves the city.  How do you deal with that breakup?  Fortunately it is not like a breakup with a man where you probably won’t ever hear from them again or you hope you never run into them at the grocery store.  No matter where your separate lives may go your girlfriend will always have a place in your heart.  But is it enough?  Even though they hold a spot in your life what happens when you accidentally pass your favourite bar full of friendship memories?  Sometimes it is hard to look back with happiness when all you want is your friend back.

I don’t know how you feel, but the worst breakup is when you lose one of your girlfriends.  Yes you call each other every few weeks, or have a coffee once every few months to catch up, but it’s not like it was.  Sometimes we take for granted our girlfriends and finally realize how much they mean to us when they are gone.  Sometimes the wounds of a girlfriend breakup are deeper than those of a relationship breakup.  Yes the wounds heal in the end, they just take longer.


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