Cohabitation: Instant Death

You want to see him all the time. You have your own drawer at his house. You even spend most of your time at his place.  It only makes sense that life would be a little easier if you would move into his apartment and spend 14 fewer hours on the TTC.  Then after a long talk over dinner at the Bloor Street Diner you decide to move into together… a further step in the relationship?  Or sudden death?

You then make room for each other in his condo by getting rid of some of your stuff that you don’t use anymore.  I mean who needs your possessions when you are finally moving in with the man you love.  Now you spend all of your time with each other.  You wake together, spend evenings together, and even share groceries together.

Then one evening as you are reading and he is watching the game, you start to look around the apartment.  You don’t have your own space anymore.  You don’t even really have any belongings because you threw out your stuff to move into his condo.  And you start to realize that the things he used to do that made you laugh, like the slight snort he had when he laughed, start to make you want to commit a murder.  You panick and realize your relationship is dying of the disease…. cohabitation.

One of the largest fears of any young independent individual is giving up their apartment, their peaceful haven, to move into cohabitation.  Yes it is nice when you can spend more time together during the evenings.  Yes its nice to spend less time trucking back and forth on the TTC between your places.  And yes its nice to have the convenience of all your stuff at his apartment in order to change outfits accordingly.  But where does your freedom go?

Sometimes too much time together is a bad thing.  Sometimes spending too much time together will start to make you hate the little things he does that you once found charming.  Or what about those times when you have a horrific day at work and you just want to come home to your apartment and just cry to the song “All By Myself.”  And the most feared symptom of cohabitation, no safe haven for when you are in a fight.  Sometimes you just need to have your own place to run away from the boyfriend.  And when you share your living space, you have nowhere to hide.

It is a dangerous disease; cohabitation.  But it is your right, as an independent individual, to keep your own apartment.  This will keep you from showing any of the symptoms that result in relationship death.  This will create a better romance, where you still are embarrassed to take a poo in his washroom and get butterflies when you reunite with him after a few nights away.  So keeping a space that you can call your own will keep your relationship fit and healthy.


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