Ex Talk : The Land of No Return

With the starting of spring everything is fresh, new and full of life.  The trees in Yorkville are in bloom, the brave patio-drinkers are hitting the Distillery District, and your February period is finally gone!!!  The best part of the summer is the fact that the boyfriend and I are in full bloom.  The friends and family approve, he can cook, and the sex is getting better every day.

Skies are looking clear and bright, until he casually mentions the ex.  Now the first time your boyfriend ever mentions the ex, there is a slight chill in the air.  I realize the ex is not as extinct as I would like them to be.  I start to notice things in the house that were gifts from the ex.  Soon I proceed to do a little research of my own and resort to the toxic Facebook-stock.  I analyze old pictures of the ex and try to convince myself that I am better looking.

Suddenly the bright future of my blossoming relationship is halted by the past.  Is the ex gone forever?  Or is the ex still alive with the annoying mentions in conversations or the little reminders around my boyfriend’s apartment.  I find myself guilty of secretly throwing out gifts bought by the ex.  Also when ever the ex is brought up in conversation I quickly change the subject, because as far as I am concerned the ex should never be mentioned.

But why is my boyfriend talking about the ex?  Does the ex still hold a place in his heart?  Or maybe my boyfriend does not have complete closure of the ex.  But here is a question I should ask myself.  Why am I focussed on his past?  He is dating me, isn’t he?  I have no control of things in my past, or his past for that matter.  The only thing I can control is my relationship in the present.  So when it comes to the ex, let them stay in the past.  I will focus on my relationship’s blossoming future.


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