It is Saturday night and the apartment is abandoned.  All the rooms are empty and calm, except for the bedroom.  Our bodies are melding together in a heightened sexual energy.  The air around us is thick with condensation from the sweat glazing our skin.  Two pairs of hands are grabbing at each other with force.  He picks me up in his arms to change positions and the energy is building as I start to lose control and my body pulsates.

Then suddenly the roommate is home during the climax.  The intruder hears the sexual dance within the bedroom and starts to snicker.  I could care less.  As far as I am concerned a bomb could go off beside the bed and I wouldn’t even notice.  Then the progressing beat of my partner starts to slow down as he looses focus and lets out a nervous laugh.

Did that just happen?  His sexual ADD brought a curtain down on our dance. Game over!

I had to admit my ego was a little bruised after that small distraction.  Actually, my ego felt like it was just hit by a fat girl running me over for a piece of chocolate cake.  Now there are times, and I am sure you all can agree with me, when I have other things on my mind during sex.  It could either be, “Oh God when is he going to finish?” or “I think I am going to make guacamole tonight!”  So when this sexual ADD happened with my boyfriend I was a little stunned.

Was I not good enough?  Was I not exciting enough to have him suddenly get distracted so easily?  Or was the fact of him laughing when his roommate discovered us doing the nasty tango just a way for him to handle the awkward tension of being caught in the act?

For me there was no awkward tension.  I was in the groove and just about to sink away into bliss.  I would have been fine with her coming in to watch, if it meant that we were able to finish.  Well, the cute look he gave me when the air was diffused from his tires made my heart jump.  How could you be mad at a face like that?  And even better, something to write about for this blog!

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