Undeveloped Orgasm in the Darkroom

Last Friday I was over at my friend Stacy’s house catching up on old times.  It was a usual night in with wine, our favorite Sex and the City episodes, and the talk of past boyfriends.  Naturally the boyfriend talk led to sex talk.  And naturally our sex talk led to the oh-so-famous topic of crazy places we had sex.  Stacy then shared a high school story I just couldn’t pass up.

His name was Jeremy.  He was cute, an artist, and a rebel without a cause.  And he was on the top of the list of boys Stacy wanted to make out with.  Like most high school students they talked over MSN, avoiding any possible rumors of dating brought on by fellow class mates.

After weeks of talking to each other online the hormones of horny teenagers finally kicked in.  They then decided that they wanted to delve into the mating dance, but they wanted to make it exciting.  Jeremy then messaged her “let’s do it in the school’s darkroom in photography class.”

After some “Pinky and the Brain” action they came up with a plan of skipping Chemistry class and sneaking into the darkroom.  Stacy even got her good friend Ramona to keep guard at the door to make sure they were not interrupted.

The day came and everything was happening splendidly.  They ditched Chemistry, Ramona was guarding the door and Jeremy seemed to be ready for battle.  The orgasm was developing in the darkroom quite well, until suddenly they could hear Ramona talking to someone from outside.

“You can’t go into the darkroom Ms. Campbell, they are developing film and it will be ruined.”  Stacy could tell that Ramona’s plea was disregarded when she could hear the keys start to shake at the locked darkroom door.  Jeremy then looked at Stacy with panic.  And there it was… or there it wasn’t. The undeveloped orgasm.


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