Babies in Love?

It was a good day; work was productive, just finished a relaxing tan and was on my way home to make dinner.  I was feeling pretty positive and there was not the least amount of cynicism in my mind, which is not a very common occurrence.  As I was waiting for the street car on Queen St.  I could hear the gushing talk of two lovers behind me.  Normally I would have rolled my eyes wishing that they would have left their love behind closed doors and where it belonged, but today I was feeling happy so it brought a smile to my face.

Her:  “I love you scooby!”

Him:  “I love you too boobear!”

I slightly turned my head to witness this adorable couple when to my horror realized that the lovers probably still had training wheels on their bicycles.  I couldn’t help but do a double take, and for anyone that knows me well, knows that I am not the best at hiding my expressions.  I mean they probably hadn’t even hit puberty yet.  As I continued to eavesdrop on the conversation I could swear that they were talking about some sort of high school project.

As the street car arrived I couldn’t help but sit behind them and continue watching this horrific scene.  I mean it was like watching a car accident, you know you shouldn’t stare but you can’t seem to look away.  I mean how old were these kids?  Were they still getting an allowance from their parents?  Do they even know what the word “love” means?  And even worse, are they having sex?

I must be a masochist or something because I continued to watch these two fondle each other for about twenty minutes.  When I finally reached my stop I got up, left the street car, and thought “well if she has found her love, at least she doesn’t have to endure the turmoil of dating in this city!”


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