The Difference Between Girlfriends and ‘Girl Friends’

Hey readers, I am really happy to post a blog written by a close friend of mine.  She mentioned writing a blog one night over martinis and said, “I really want to put my two cents in on this issue!”  It sounded personal so I was very excited to see what she would write, so without further adieu here is her amazing post!

We all know girls in a long-term relationship who have a really close boyfriend.  Or we know a girl who is the friend of the ‘taken’ boy that always has people wonder about their ‘friendship’. Which leaves the age-old question ‘Can two people of different genders just be friends?’

I’ve always been able to make friends easily. Friends of all different types of relationship statuses; Girlfriends, Boyfriends, single… and fabulous. I have never had an issue in the friend department. But for the girls of my ‘Guy Friends’ that lingering question always came up. ‘Has anything ever happened between you two?’

Not until I got into a relationship did I fully understand that insecurity. It’s one thing to trust your partner fully but it’s another to wonder why another girl is so close to him. It makes you feel like there isn’t a special closeness in your relationship. Is there a line? And where do we draw the line? And does this line depend on trust?

I personally think it’s all about the relationship. If you have a high level of communication and you feel like your partner respects you, there will always be room to discuss things that are on your mind. Whether those thoughts are large or small, your lover shouldn’t dismiss your emotions. Yes, it could be a jealousy issue if it comes up over and over, but that is something that also should be discussed.

I am sure it’s not easy for my partner to date someone who struggles to turn off her ‘flirt’. And it’s hard to deny the ‘chemistry’ between two people who may just be friends. But the choice to come home to him or to go home with someone else always falls on the table. In life I think I’m going to run into many ‘soul-mates’ but some will be friends, lovers, or even mentors. But, whom ever I am dating will hopefully trust that I am with them and nobody else.


4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Girlfriends and ‘Girl Friends’

  1. You can’t allow your man to have girl “friends”, not if you want to keep him.

    You can trust a partner all you want, but when they have temptation in front of them, they will probably cave. Case in point: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I could have told Jennifer that was going to happen.

    • I agree with you partially. Some people are faced with the temptation and some really have no issues with the matter. But when it comes to the end of the day, it is safe to say that there are no rules with The Game!

  2. sometimes the partner might be in it for the friendship…but the ‘friend’ could have different ideas about where they want the friendship to go. and once that idea is in a girl’s head…she can be very sneaky to work different angles until it does – without the guy ever knowing that was her plan. see, men dont pick up on little things, but when those little things add up, seduction happens…

    • Very true, sometimes it is not an issue with your partner, but an issue on the woman that wants to take your man! At that point I say, let the Bitch have it!

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