I Don’t Need a Man!

Once I was on a date with this looks-perfect-on-paper man at the Brazen Head in Liberty Village.  Everything was working out wonderfully; the weather was beautiful, he was beautiful, and he owned his own beautiful architecture company.  I had my classic dirty martini in hand while his piercing blue eyes were gazing at me with admiration.  He almost sealed the deal when he made one deadly comment.  “I want to date someone who I can go home to, who I can treat to dinner and events.  Ultimately someone who I can teach life to.”

HELL NO!!!!!!!!

One, I don’t wait for you to come home from work, I have my own career and life.  Two, I don’t mind being treated to dinners or events, but I am more than just arm candy, I do have a brain.  And three, I don’t need you to teach me about life.  What do you think you are, my father?  And if you do that is perverted in soooo many ways.

I do not know why older, accomplished men are so persistent on having a trophy for a partner.  Don’t you want to feel challenged in a relationship or feel equal to one another?  I have dated many older men who seem to just want you for sex and the convenience of having you around whenever it suits them.  I have also witnessed many of these men start to disappear when they realize that you have a career of your own or can form your own opinion.  And God forbid if you may make more money then they do!

After sitting through this painful date without the energy to share my over-rehearsed argument, I excused my self to the washroom.  On my way to the restroom I contacted my server and told her I wanted to pay our bill.  I was not going to let this self-righteous dick pay for dinner, or any other man for that matter who is above an equal partnership.

But in the end the horrific date was worth it when he asked for the cheque and I could watch his horrified face when the waitress said, “Your date already covered it sir.”


6 thoughts on “I Don’t Need a Man!

  1. What a ridiculously outdated patriarchal view of family and relationships. I think by “wife” you meant “servant”. How dare you threaten them.

  2. Well he doesn’t have an arttitude so Im sure his attitude is just fine.

    I got scared for a second that we would regret something.

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