Beauty and the Beast

We all have turned on our TV to see shows such as, “According to Jim” where the over-weight homely guy is married to a blonde bombshell.  Even Disney did their own interpretation of this commonly seen occurrence with a beautiful brunette and a man who was a beast…. literally.  But unfortunately this stereotype does not seem to be only fictional.

Just the other day I was witness to this strange occurrence.  I was walking down Yonge street when this beautiful blonde caught my eye.  But it was not the fact that she was drop-dead-gorgeous that caught my attention. It was the fact that she was hanging off a man who seemed like he was way out of her league.  I mean the woman was wearing Manolos and he had on a frumpy plaid American Eagle shirt with a hole in it.

I know it is not all about looks, and I am not including those cute little nerdy guys who have their own niche market.  I am talking about those men that look and act like complete douchebags.  How do men like that seem to get these gorgeous women?

I think it has to do with a confidence thing.  Sometimes the only way these men get amazing women are by telling them that they can’t do any better.  But let me tell you one little secret honey….. YOU CAN!!!!  Now, if they are amazing to you both in life and in the bedroom, then no problem.  But, if he looks and acts like a dick, forget about it babe.  This is Toronto!  There are bigger and better fish to catch.


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