The Jealousy Game

The other day when I was running home from some good-old vintage shopping, there was an issue at the apartment.  I dropped my bags and ran towards the crying coming from my roommate’s room.  My roommate’s poor sister, Janna, was crying about, no big surprise….. her boyfriend.  Between the sobs I got enough of the story to understand that we were playing what I like to call…. the jealousy game.

Naturally, I ran to the kitchen for the best remedy in this situation…. Vodka!  I poured the liquor into a glass for the poor girl and we then started talking it out.  So Janna’s boyfriend was moving into an apartment with two other girls, who he claims are just friends.  Now, Janna’s boyfriend loves her so much it almost makes me want to have a polite puke, but I understood her concern with the kind of girls he was moving in with.  You know the kind… tan, blond, the party girls that over populates Richmond street.

Since Janna voiced her concern about this new living situation her boyfriend pulled out the good old “You’re just jealous!”  And this got me thinking.  Why is it when it comes to the jealousy game, it is always one person’s fault?  Last time I checked a relationship had two people in it.  When one person feels insecure about outside temptation it instantly is their fault and are labeled jealous.

Now mind you, sometimes people really are too insecure and need to trust their partner.  Whereas other times their may be reason for jealousy.  But the point is, in the jealousy game it’s not partner against partner.  It is the relationship against jealousy and there can only be one winner.  So if a relationship is ever going to survive jealousy the lovers need to work together and work out the issue.  Otherwise the scoreboard will read, “Jealousy – 1, Relationship – 0ver!”


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