Avoid Destruction, Say How You Feel

Susan and Tim were the perfect couple.  They shared an apartment in the Beaches, were both very successful, and never fought.  This would drive all of Susan and Tim’s friends crazy.  It was bad enough that they had beautiful lives, but to have a beautiful conflict-free relationship was just nauseating.

Then one day, out of the blue, Susan and Tim where no more.  They had broken up without any hint of warning.  Susan and Tim’s friends could not get over the fact that a couple that seemed so in love had suddenly went their separate ways without any tears.  But what was happening behind closed doors?  What destroyed the relationship?

I can tell you what destroyed the relationship…. too much harmony.  You all know those couples I am talking about.  Those couples that hold on to all frustrations in order to avoid a break up.  But what they don’t know is that one day all those built up frustrations will come to a head and explode.  It is perfectly healthy in a relationship to not agree with your partner and have fights.

This came to me the other night when I was so frustrated at my boyfriend because of held frustrations.  If every time he did something that annoyed me and I told him, “Boo boo, you are an idiot,” the relationship would be perfect.  But like many individuals I did not want to seem crazy, so I kept all my frustrations to myself and let them build.

Finally, at the end of my rope and with some pushing from my roommate over text, I told him what was on my mind.  And there was no fight at all, just a conversation on how to avoid these feelings in the future.  If I would have let the silence destroy my relationship I would never have forgiven myself.  For God’s sake I am taking my degree in Communications.  But one bonus of the night, all that built up tension created amazing make-up sex which resulted in a new hot position.  So talk it out, you will save your relationship and probably heat up the bedroom.


2 thoughts on “Avoid Destruction, Say How You Feel

  1. It’s very Canadian (I grew up in Toronto) to make nice and polite and calm, no matter how angry you really are. You know how Canadians hate conflict! I moved to NY where everyone’s yelling at one another all the time. Ahhhh, that feels better! 🙂

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