A Couple’s Retreat

As a successful individual living in TO you are constantly wishing that there were more hours in a day.  From running to work, to dinner with colleagues, or running to meet a friend for a drink at the new hot spot on Queen West; there is hardly enough time to eat or sleep.  Now add in a relationship.  That means two different work schedules, two sets of friends, and headache when it comes to planning alone time.

It is very common for couples in the city to only see each other on weekends due to hectic work schedules during the week.  However, even with the stress on maintaining a personal life, weekends are no longer a private time with your partner.  Individuals are constantly double booking their relationship and friend schedules.  And who would blame them?  Sometimes it is just easier to take your boyfriend out to dinner with your friends. At least in that case you are killing two birds with one stone and saving time.

But then the love in the relationship starts to dwindle, frustrations arise, and before you know it you don’t know how to relate to your partner. Couples more frequently are sacrificing their relationship time to fit everything in their schedule, but that causes many problems.  Issues like the disappearance of affection or the sharing of friends, which is a whole other can of worms when there is a break-up and friends are forced to pick sides.

But one thing is for sure, in order to survive in this fast paced city one needs to learn how to slow down and take a couple’s retreat for the day.  I know a lot can be accomplished in a day, but in the long run some time to recharge your battery will result in a more efficient work week.  Spending a day with your lover, also will rekindle your connection both mentally and sexually.  So when you catch yourself double booking your work and your relationship life, take a minute and slow down. Remember that time is precious and you would not want to waste your life going to redundant parties when you have someone at home who loves you.


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