Public Break-up

You rush in through the front doors of the new restaurant, Church on Queen West.  You push the glass door as you enter and your hands are shaky.  Your relationship has been on the rocks with your boyfriend for about a month now so you were somewhat relieved when he asked you out for a nice romantic dinner.  You notice him at a table and he gives you a strange smile and motions you to come over.  Something is off…. but what?

You both order a glass of wine and make awkward small talk until you have decided on dinner.  He seems nervous about the date tonight as well.  Things have not been the same since you got your job promotion and your new intense work schedule seemed to take a toll on your relationship this past month.  But you are hoping that a long-needed romantic dinner will help spark up your relationship again.

Then as you are about to ask him how his day was he blurts out, “I can’t do this anymore.”  You are stunned.  Your forehead heats up and your ears start to buzz as if you just got hit really hard in the nose.  You try to ask him what he is talking about, but the shock of the sudden breakup is making you speechless.  He starts to explain that things are not the same with the relationship anymore and thinks it’s best for both of you to go your separate ways.

The masses of people around the restaurant start to blur in the background as the clanging of forks on plates start to fade into a light buzz in the air.  How could he do this to you in public?  You try to hold back the tears and smile so no one around you can detect how much he is hurting you.  The sound of his voice starts to disappear as you focus in on the steak knife and how much you would love to stab it into the side of his neck.  But at that moment your dinner has arrived.  You look up, use all of your strength to smile and you pick up your fork and knife to have your final dinner with your new ex.

Really?  A restaurant is not the place for a break-up.  When I saw this poor woman trying her hardest to keep it together my heart was breaking for her. I mean, at least he has grown past the Facebook dump.  But seriously, break-up with your girlfriend in a private setting where she can cry, scream and possibly stab you with something sharp.


2 thoughts on “Public Break-up

  1. I think this is the classic way for a MAN CHILD to break up with someone. They don’t want the poor girl to make a scene or say her peace so they break up with her in a public setting. I’ve (thankfully) never been broken up with in a public setting but I will say this; if it happens, I fully intend embarassing him to the point he’ll be joining the priesthood the next day. Great blog!!

    • Thanks for the comment! I agree if I ever happen to find myself in a public break-up I will definitly make him regret his decision. And I love your terminology “Man Child” I love it!!!!

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