Gym Pick-up

So when you finally finish a day at the office and squeeze through people on the TTC ride home, you are ready to unleash some anger at the gym.  So you throw out your empty coffee cup, change into your sweats and run to the cardio room for a 20 minute work out.

You start running and begin to reach a good speed.  Your feet are pounding on the treadmill and sweat starts to form on your forehead.  You stare at the mirror as you run cursing at the fact that you are not in as good of shape as you would like.  Also the fluorescent lighting is not very flattering.

As you jump off the treadmill you quickly catch the eye of a guy at the bench press.  Kind of cute.  Then you start to work on legs hoping to get those toned muscles for the summer.  But, as you work out you start to notice that bench-press-guy is looking at you.  Probably just a coincidence.  I mean it’s quite possible that every time you look up he is just happening to be looking at you at that same moment.

Then after and hour of sweaty work you head over to the mats and start stretching.  As you are sitting in the splits, bench-press-guy starts to walk in your general direction.  Maybe another coincidence.  He then stops at your side and asks you, “Have a good work out?”  Not a coincidence.

The conversation only lasts about 10 minutes because bench-press-guy probably has taken too many steroids in his past.  But really, why out of all places, do men hit on you in the gym.  Well, at least I went home feeling a little bit better.  I must not look that bad if a guy can hit on me when I am a damn-hot-sweaty mess in bad lighting.


2 thoughts on “Gym Pick-up

  1. I hate when people talk to me at the gym period. I’m there to workout, and when I get in my zone I get pretty annoyed when people talk to me and break it! Being one of the girls who works at the front desk at a gym also apparently means that I have a big flashing sign over my head that says “ASK ME OUT!” Not cool.

    • I know!!! What is it about a gym that sets an alarm off in a guys head that they must mate. I feel like all that sweat and extra testosterone is going to their brains. I also am pretty focused when it comes to working out at the gym which most of the time comes off as Bitchy which was why I was surprised that even happened.

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