The Perfect Man

As a busy professional who tries my best to take over the city every day, I can’t express enough the importance of the perfect man and his commitment. So here is a little bit about mine:

After a long day, which slightly feels like I have run a marathon, I climb up the stairs and unlock the door to my apartment.  Instantly my man is there to greet me with his undivided attention.  He looks at me with his green eyes that emanate his love for me.  It is extremely comforting to know that someone is waiting with such excitement for you to come home each day.

Throughout the evening we are inseparable.  We make dinner together and I give him a taste of everything I am attempting to cook.  And no matter how bad my cooking may be he still eats everything I give him with an overexagerated excitement. Even when I am cleaning around the apartment he follows me around, never wanting to leave my side.

As I wash my face before going to sleep he is already making himself comfortable on the bed, but of course leaving a space for me right beside him.  When I walk into the bedroom he looks up at me with eyes that say, “please come to bed.”  Then we cuddle up to one another and fall into a comfortable, deep sleep.

The next morning when I wake up for work I start the daily routine of leaving my love.  He follows me around the apartment, full of depression, knowing that I must leave for work.  As I grab my bag and open the door, I tell him that I will be gone only for the day and will be back to see him soon.  As I close the door he runs to the window and watches me closely as I leave.  But I know he will always be there for me when I come back, loving me more than anyone ever could.  That is why….. Mufasa is my perfect man!




Mufasa — The Perfect Man.


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