A Clean Slate

Tis the season to break-up.  It is a very regular occurrence in the city to ditch your holiday partner once summer temptation arrives in May.  Individuals no longer need a partner to cuddle with by the fire on those cold winter nights or accompany them to the many forced family functions of the holidays.  Summer is a chance for drinking, revealing outfits, and a time where sexual temptation is high.

So I am not surprised when I see couples around me dropping like dead flies.  A few friends of mine are experiencing the “summer separation syndrome” which results in many strong martinis and a lot of Sex and the City watching.

About a month ago my friend Sebastian had broken up with his boyfriend and I was completely blindsided.  I mean they were the cutest and happiest gay couple I ever knew. Completely upset with the split of their two-year relationship I had to visit Sebastian to see how he was doing.  I was happy to hear that the break-up was mutual and clean.  “I will always love Mark,” he said.  But, Sebastian had a gleam in his eye that arose my curiosity.

“But aren’t you scared to be changing your career and ending your relationship at the same time?”  Sebastian just looked at me with a smirk, “I have never been so happy.”  And there it was.  A new beginning.  I was instantly inspired by Sebastian.  Do we take enough risky chances in life? Or do we play our life safe so we don’t have to experience fear of our unknown future?  And, what would we really be capable of if we just pressed “delete” and started from scratch? Here was someone who had the bravery and the chance to take that clean slate and write his own story.   And as he kissed my cheek goodbye and left I could start to see his story unraveling, “Once upon a time there was a man….”


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