Meet The Parents

“I would love you to meet my parents.”  That little phrase that automatically makes your heart rate increase.  When ever your partner asks you to meet their parents you never know whether to be honoured or terrified.  It is nice to know that your relationship is becoming serious and that he finds you special enough to meet the fam jam.  However, when I hear this phrase I slightly go into a panic.  Because any smart person knows that family are automatically accepting of meeting friends, but if there is a romantic connection with you and their son… you’re an instant target.

In my case it was a little worse.  I didn’t have to just meet the parents, but the whole family.  It was the birthday of my boyfriend’s mother and the family was throwing a surprise party to celebrate.  Now I knew about this day for about a month so I had plenty of time to get my self ready…. or develop an ulcer.  But, luckily it was a large party and not a dinner where I had to be on my ‘A’ game.  So if anything went horribly wrong I could hide myself amongst the masses.

Finally, that nerve-racking day arrived and I dressed in my best outfit ready to seal the deal and show my boyfriend’s parents how wonderful I am.  When I arrived at the party venue of TIFF Lightbox I knew that the birthday girl would be so grateful for her three sons’ efforts. While we were waiting for the woman of the hour, I had successfully won rave reviews from all my boyfriends family members.  I was on the road to success, now all I had to do was get my seal of approval from the woman of the family.

The highly anticipated time came for her arrival and like predicted she was shocked and excited about her surprise party.  I was sure this woman would love me, the rest of the family did.  But when it came to meeting her she barely acknowledged my existence and continued to greet the rest of her guests.  A sharp pain throbbed in my temple as I smiled at my concerned boyfriend and quietly said “It’s fine.”

I then ran to the bathroom trying to smile and hold back my frustrated tears until I was in privacy of the over-decorated bathroom.  I stood in the empty washroom frustrated and hurt, staring at my own reflection as I heard the energetic socializing from the party room.  Then I thought, why do we care so much about what the parents think?  Is their seal of approval really the be-all and end-all of the relationship?  And I refuse to step down because the lady of the house could care less for me.  I am not going anywhere!   So I brushed my shoulders back, downed the last bit of my martini and got ready to face the family again. The way my boyfriend looks at me with true love in his eyes is all that really matters.  And besides…. I am F#%*ing fabulous!


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