Men Of Our Past

This weekend I had plans with an old and wonderful friend from school, Lisa.  So after rushing out of the apartment, jumping on a rather sketchy bus, and running a block in the rain I had finally met my dear friend Lisa in our regular spot within the Junction.  Even though some time had passed since we last saw each other it took us no time at all to delve into our regular chit-chat.

Like any two good friends who have gone a while without seeing one another we chatted about the usual.  We talked about our new career advancements, reminisced on old times, and frequently blurted out how much we missed each other.  Then of course the topic of men slipped into our conversation.  Not about the new men that we were bedding, but about men from the past.

Lisa further elaborated by telling me about her high school sweet-heart calling her.  Supposedly a friend in common was getting married and her ex boyfriend was asking if she was attending.  “At first I was going to go but I can’t now, his bitchy wife and children will be there.  I mean he has a family, why does he keep trying to make me suffer?”

I then found my self considering this unfortunate common occurrence. Why do the men of our past come back to haunt us?  Why don’t they stay in the past where they belong and let us move on? Does seeing men from our past give us closure or make us suicidal?   Or, is some part of us subconsciously still holding on to the memory of him because we are not yet over them?  I then ordered another round for us and looked Lisa straight in the eye, “He is just jealous of your career, your friends, and your fabulous new life!”

Or at least that is what I like to think.


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