Retail Therapy

You roll out of bed at 6 a.m. to get ready for work.  You look in the mirror and you are slightly taken aback by how puffy your face is from all your crying.  It’s bad enough that he humiliated you with his cheating, but now he is making you look like a damn hot mess.  All you want is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable.  So you put on your most unflattering attire for work, grab a fat-filled doughnut as comfort food, and head to work for the day.

Of course when you walk into work everyone looks at you like a leper, trying not to get to close just incase your horrible break-up some how mysteriously rubs off on them.  When sitting at your desk time seems as if it does not exist and you start to fade into the darkness of your depression.  But then a miracle appears.  The office slut (we all have one) walks in with this season’s new pair of Monolos.  And ping!! You tell your boss you’re going home sick and you start running towards Holt Renfrew.

The second you run into Holts an instant feeling of bliss falls over you.  As you walk through the store you can feel the halogen lights warming your skin as if you are being reborn.  You ignore the dirty looks from the snobby sales associates, for they have no idea the kind of break-up you endured.

And then you are in the shoe department of Holts and everything feels like it will be ok.  You slip your feet into a pair of Monolos and know that you must take them home.  But while rushing to the cashier you find the perfect Louis Vuitton bag to match your new Monolos.  Who cares if you can’t afford rent next month, you need to buy this purse to maintain your sanity.  But why does a man lead you to such emotional distress?  How does he have so much power over your feelings?  But then you realize… he doesn’t.  You think to yourself “Just buy your bag and get over it!”


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