Unwanted Facial

My friend Sarah and I went out for some great wine this weekend at Terroni’s.  We started talking about the men of our life, which naturally led to the common discussion of sex.  We shared hilarious stories of horrible lovers, awkward sex mishaps and hot public sex opportunities. When we reached the bottom of our Merlot bottle we decided to order another.  We were having too much fun talking about our past sexcapades. But, we did not talk only about our experiences.  Sarah had mentioned this hilarious, yet depressing story about her friend’s sex life that I will now share with you.

Her name was Carol and she worked in the cosmetics section of Holt Renfrew.  A beautiful raven haired girl who we all secretly hate. One of those pretty girls that never had to work that hard and was worshiped by all the men around her.  This little urban princess also liked to drink.  It was a common occurrence for Carol to drink her self into an alcohol coma when ever she went out with her friends. But, soon she would find this would come to bite her in the ass.

One night Carol went out with her girls to the Financial District to let loose and find rich men to buy them drinks.  Like predicted this beauty hooked a group of men who invited the girls to join them in their private booth.  Lucky for her, Carol caught the eye of the youngest guy at the table.  Many Cosmos later Carol was being carried into the taxi by her new catch.  They started fooling around but Carol’s alcohol coma started to kick-in and soon she was out cold on her sex buddy’s bed.

Early the next morning Carol found herself resurrecting from out of her coma.  But the sun was not up, how was she breaking her coma so soon?  However, it was a good thing she did, for you will be mortified to find out what she woke up to.  Her cute sex buddy was…. how can I say this?  Finishing himself off over her face.  And like true form, the second she realized what was happening he had just finished, squirting mounds of creamy liquid all over her face.  Poor thing, guess she will think twice about being such a belligerent drunk.


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