I Will Always Love You

I will always love you!

Love is not a feeling that simply disappears, but an emotion that will change its shape.  So many times we get attached to our past relationships with our friends, family and lovers.  But what happens when our lives change? Does that love just disappear? We are constantly developing from year to year, with special people coming in and out of our lives.  But, just because they are not in the spotlight at this present time, doesn’t mean that they aren’t the most important people to us.

I find that I struggle with these shifts in life.  I always have troubles accepting that my life, and the life of someone I love, are moving in different directions.  It is hard looking back at the past when things were different and you were inseparable.  It is even harder when you fight your life shift and try re-creating the past, only to find that it is gone.

Just because your life is changing does not mean that individuals from your past are any less dear to you.  Change is essentially good.  You meet new people, gain new business accomplishments and start a future family.

But, no matter how far away I am or how different our future paths are, I will always love you.  Our hands might not be tightly grasping one another, but our hearts will always hold onto each other forever.


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