STD Pick-up

A few weeks ago I went to complete that always uncomfortable chore of checking for STDs. You never want to do it, but to be sexually active and safe you must put yourself through this unpleasant ordeal.  So off I went to my regular walk-in clinic to make sure that everything was looking ok ….. down there!

I entered the packed clinic of people painfully waiting for their walk of fate into the small white room.  Of course, I had to somehow pick the busiest day at the clinic, making my anxious wait even more torturous. Once I filled out my paper work I sat myself down with the masses and started to wait.

The air of the room was so thick with anticipation that I felt like I might choke.  But, as I sat there not all individuals were as concerned about their sexual fate.  Right there across from me was a blond girl making eyes at a man across the room.

Really? Are you seriously trying to pick up someone in a STD clinic?!! Is it just me or did the desperation for sex in the city just increase twofold.  I have heard about finding your soul mate at Starbucks, or at a gallery opening, or even a bar.  But, finding your partner while getting tested for Gonorrhea?!! What would you tell your children?!! “Yes Timmy, I met your father just before the doctor diagnosed me with Herpes.”

I was startled when the nurse called my name, but relieved that I was getting out of this nauseating scene.  But, I couldn’t help but think, would these two “clinic lovers” ever see each other after their diagnosis?  Then I thought, “Well, with the desperation for finding a date in the city the Bitch probably already added him to Facebook.”


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