Secret Lover

Now we all know what I mean when I say ‘secret lover.’  It’s that person you love to have sex with, but hate being seen in public with.  They always seem to make your toes curl in the bedroom, however in public they make your stomach curl as you try not to puke all over the dinner table.  Let me reflect on my past ‘secret lover.’

It was the Summer and the nights were steamy.  I was out with some friends at Brooklyn, a bar on Queen West, when I found my ‘secret lover.’  It was a dark and packed bar, full of sweaty bodies.  The night was going to incorporate the vodka spins and a sexual itch.  The more drunk the ladies and I got the more in heat we became.  As the night was coming to an end we retired to the basement bar with the rest of the bodies to continue the party.

As I stumbled around, only being able to sip at my vodka martini I found my ‘secret lover.’  He was all I needed at that time, he knew where to touch me and how to kiss me.  And with the darkness of the bar and the spins I had developed from the vodka I was starting to become…. well, not very lady like.  So we decided to head to his place where we could really get the party started.  I sloppily kissed my ladies and then took a taxi to his place, that I still can not clearly remember to this day.

He threw me up against the wall and knew just how to play me.  The sex was so amazing that when I came I thought I might faint.  We woke the next morning and I said good-bye to my ‘secret lover.’

We continued to have this mind-blowing sex for a few weeks, which was generally accompanied with many drinks and a late-night booty call.  Everything was wonderful.  I could go out and have fun with the girls, not ever worrying about going home alone, knowing that my ‘secret lover’ was just a booty call away.  Then one day when I was grocery shopping my secret lover called, “Hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to my friends housewarming party.” I dropped the phone out of shock and everything around me started to fall into a silent buzz.  I was devastated.  It was time to say good-bye to my ‘secret lover’ …..and my mind-blowing orgasms.


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