The Fuck Buddy

A very common term today in the dating world is the ‘Fuck Buddy.’  A term defined as a sex partner to whom you have no special attachment.  But, as we have experienced or have heard from others, this hardly ever is the case.  No matter what happens with a “Fuck Buddy” at least one of the individuals develops some sort of attachment, even if the degree is very small.  Something that always seems like it will be fun and stress-free initially always turns into a not-so-orgasmic ending.

Last summer I delved into the ‘Fuck Buddy’ phase and it started off wonderfully.  He was strong, dark, and Columbian; whose lack of conversation was more than made up for in the bedroom.  We would routinely meet up after work or the gym and have a quickie in his apartment.  Both of us were enjoying our arrangement; a sexual release without the time-consuming activities of a relationship.  But then we started forming more than just the ‘Fuck Buddy’ relationship.

Late one night after a mind-blowing orgasm my Columbian buddy asked me to stay the night and cuddle.  I had nowhere to be the next morning and after my long day at work I agreed to this pleasing suggestion.  Then our ‘Fuck Buddy’ relationship turned sour.  I started to develop something for my Columbian buddy and when I confronted him with my feelings, he wanted to only maintain in an unattached relationship.

It was hard not to develop feelings with a man who started to take me out to dinner, watch movies with me, and who was sooooo good in bed.  He was acting like my boyfriend, I just didn’t understand why we couldn’t just make it official.  He would even get jealous if I talked about other men.  After playing these mind games I decided that our ‘Fuck Buddy’ relationship was not serving its stress-free characteristics anymore and decided to finish it.  And besides, how could I actually find a future boyfriend if I was pre-occupied with a ‘Sex Buddy.’

Half a year later I was in Yorkville shopping and my phone received a text message.  And there it was, after so long, a text from my ‘Sex Buddy’ saying, “Hey babe, I miss you! Can you come over tonight so I can see you.”  I looked at the text message, smiled and pressed ‘delete’.  Our sexual agreement was nice at the time, but now I have a man who loves me in and outside of the bedroom.


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