Another Lesbian?

Once upon a time there was a man named Frank.  Frank was the usual good looking man.  He was tall, blonde, and had beautifully chiselled features.  He was a fantastic catch to the modern day woman, but Frank suffered from a confidence problem.

Frank’s first girlfriend was the love of his life.  They were together for two years and were the most attractive couple.  Everything was perfect, or so Frank thought.  One night, after three weeks of careful planning, he had organized the perfect plan to propose to his girlfriend.  However, once the large public proposal occured, his girlfriend looked at hime and said, “I can’t! I think I am a lesbian.”

Frank was crushed.  And ever since his hopeful future wife turned out to be a lesbian he was never the same in the dating world, despite his good looks.  However, a few years later Frank had met Sherry, a girl he was introduced to through friends in common.  Frank and Sherry became very close and found themselves spending most of there time together.  Whether it was going to the movies or grabing a beer they were lost in their own world.

After a month of his close friendship with Sherry, Frank decided to push their friendship to the next level.  He was incredibly happy to find a girl that he felt comfortable with, for he hadn’t felt this attracted to someone since his first girlfriend.

The day arrived to ask Sherry out on their first date.  He decided to take her out to the Kit Kat Bar for some drinks and was excited to see where the night would take them.  So before they had met up that day for a kick boxing class he had planned out his date-asking speech.  But, horribly enough when he asked Sherry on the date she looked at him in horror and said, “Oh Frank, I am a lesbian.  I thought you knew.”


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