Man Eater: Chronicles of a Cougar

Running between the washroom and my closet, still don’t have a concrete idea of what my outfit is going to be for the night.  But all I know is it has to be perfect.  I was able to score an invite to a private party at The Drake and I couldn’t show my face if my outfit was not up to par.  Why did I hate everything in my closet?  Must go shopping for new things soon.  But can’t get distracted… I was already an hour late.

Anyone who was anyone was going to this party, but the one fabulous person that was drawing my attention was Annett Hardy.  Now Annett was a legend to this wonderful city.  She was born into money and spent her life growing up mainly in a mansion in Rosedale.  Literally soaked in money her family was constantly traveling between two Summer homes; one on Lake Rousseau in the Muskoka area and the other in the ultra fabulous Hamptons.  Annett had everything she wanted growing up… but she wanted more.  And what ever Annett wanted, Annett got.

So after a sickly rich childhood, followed by an even more fabulous teen life Annett met an up and coming hedge-funder husband.  It was the perfect power couple for the city; old money meets new money.  The world was at Annett’s finger tips.  However, in the end this rich marriage was followed by an even richer divorce.  But, that is a story for another time.  I am late and still haven’t fully decided on my shoes.

As I ran to the door with one shoe on and the other in my hand I gulped the last bit of my wine and headed to The Drake.  I have been dying to meet Annett for years and now that I have climbed up high enough on the social ladder this was my chance.  Annett was an idol.  A woman who could sit with the ladies who lunch but also infamous for having a new hot boy-toy on her arm every few weeks.

I got to The Drake, told the PR girl at the door I was on the list for the private party, and grabbed a dirty martini after I was led to the private bar.  A few hours passed and Annett was still not at the party.  I had an early morning the next day so I couldn’t stay out any longer.  I left The Drake disappointed that I still was not able to meet this mythical creature and grabbed a taxi.  Then as I told the taxi driver my destination a black Bentley drove up beside my cab.  And just as my taxi began to drive away and I glued myself to the window to sneak a peek, I saw an elegant leg come out of the Bently as the driver opened the door.  The only thing on my mind – “Great Shoes!”


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