A Man’s Playground

Nancy was worried about her boyfriend.  Everytime he came home that week he was not his usual up-beat self.  Normally her man would come home and be full of energy… almost too much energy.  But this week he would hardly talk, laze around watching Californication on Netflix, and wouldn’t even pursue sex at night.  Finally at the end of the week Nancy walked over to her boyfriend, scratched under his chin and said, “I know exactly where to go to make you feel better.”

Down near the Harbourfront Tina was grabbing a smoke to ease her nerves.  She recently quit smoking, but desperate times ask for desperate measures.  Normally Tina’s husband was very refined.  He was part of the Harbourfront Sailing Club, he only cooked with organic food, and he routinely got decor ideas from Pinterest.  For God’s sake, he was more of a WASP then Tina.  So why was he acting up?  Why was he always calling Tina to see where she was and needing her constant attention at home?  Why would Tina find McDonald’s bags thrown out in the garbage?  And why did he suggest carpeting their condo?  Tina finally lost it when she walked in on her husband drinking milk out of the carton and screamed, “That is it! Come with me, I am taking you somewhere to knock some sense into you.”

Uptown Hilary was getting hot and heavy all over the apartment with her fiance.  In the living room, on the kitchen counter, even up against the window.  Hilary was so worked-up that she decided to fulfill her fiance’s deepest fantasy.  “What could I do to blow your mind?”  Her fiance looked at her all eager and said, “Well it would be so hot if you would jerk me off while I wear your satin panties.”  Hilary jumped off her fiance and ran out of the bedroom.  She came back and threw his clothes at him.  “Get dressed! We are going out!”

All three girls looked at each other with relief while sipping on their Starbucks.  “That was a close one,” said Hilary.  Looking at her smokes and reconsidering lighting up Tina let out a sigh or relief, “Thank God he is acting more like himself again!”  Nancy smiled as she watched their men run around the basketball court completely submersed with their playtime.  “Sometimes a play-date is all you need to set your man back on track.”


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