Did That Just Happen?

It is Saturday morning and I am woken by my phone frantically buzzing.  I look at my night table to see my phone flashing and notice my head is pounding from last night’s drink fest.  The phone starts ringing again.  Who ever is trying to get a hold of me clearly is not going to give up that easily.  I pull myself out of bed and stagger over to my phone.  I can taste the dirty martini on my breath and instantly feel sick… Focus!! I look at my cell and notice Sarah on the caller ID.

“OMG we need to talk immediately,” she screams before I have a chance to even say hello.  “Okay darling, but you are going to have to talk quietly, my head is pounding!”  I could hear the panic in her voice, “So, remember last night when I went to Stacey’s…”

Sarah had arrived to Stacey’s cottage and was ready to party.  She had been working two weeks straight without a day off and was counting on this week to let loose.  Finally a group of about ten friends had arrived and they started the festivities by smoking some really strong pot.  The second Sarah had inhaled the smoke she could feel the tension in her muscles release.  Then Stacey’s father arrived with some beer kegs he had brought to the cottage in the back of his truck.  Sarah didn’t know if it was the pot or the fact that he brought booze to the party, but Stacey’s father was fairly attractive… for a dad.

The night progressively became more and more fuzzy to Sarah.  The only thing that she could seem to conjure up was a cloudy vision of her drinking from the spout of the keg.  And when she awoke she was horrified to see Stacey’s father next to her in the bed.  What had she done? Did she just sleep with Stacey’s father?

Stacey’s father got up for work and Sarah pretended that she was asleep to avoid any more embarrassment.  Then Stacey’s father kissed her on the head and said, “I have to leave for work right now, but I am going to leave my phone number on the table.  I had a great time last night.”  Sarah didn’t say anything she just nodded as she watched Stacey’s father leave the bedroom.  She then looked at the slip of paper containing his contact number in horror.

“Did that just happen?”  Sarah sounded like she had just seen an alien.  “Sounds like he had a good time,” I said with slight amusement and happy that this hilarious scenario was distracting me from my killer hangover.  “I just got up and left without the number, I was mortified,” she said to me as if she had just seen the apocalypse.  I snickered and said, “Well, it was no different from most of the guys you sleep with… hardly memorable enough to remember!”


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