I’m Done

Sometimes even the most beautiful relationship comes to an end.  Those individuals who may look perfect on the outside may really be broken on the inside.  Infected within the core of the relationship resulting in neglect and the decay of a heart.

Sometimes a relationship may be magical from the beginning, but an action or refusal to move forward in the build of a unity results in destruction of trust.  Those may be confronted with temptation, and if they conform to that temptation the loss of a real supportive love system will occur.

Sometimes a person may be scared of their partner’s success.  Not properly supporting their better half results to an internal core consisting of bitterness.  Only time will feed the bitterness to a state that will kill the budding flower of love.

Sometimes an individual may not be comfortable with themselves.  If that person can not respect their inner being and beliefs how can they support those of a loved one.  For if you do not acknowledge your partner and move past your petty problems to see the larger picture, you may lose that love.

Sometimes there is nothing to say when they regret their decisions, other than, “You lost me.”


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