Love at Starbucks

Once upon a time there was a very cute and expressive girl who worked as a barista at Starbucks.  Day in and out she would head to work with full excitement.  Her charismatic personality would brighten up the day of anyone that was ordering a coffee.  She would take on any task that Starbucks handed her and would strive for top satisfaction of the company’s standards.

But, this wonderful Starbucks girl was missing something very special.  She was missing the love of a special boy.

One day when Starbucks girl was working the front cash, a very attractive man came through the front door.  He walked in with his Versace shoes, his Valentino jacket and a smile that made every girl waiting in line for a coffee melt.  He was tall, had curly hair, and looked slightly like a Disney prince.

Normally Starbucks girl was full of passion and confidence, but when Mr. Perfect came up to the cash she could barely speak english.  Once Mr. Perfect finished his order, he smiled at Starbucks girl as she retreated to the back.  Why did this one man make her so weak in the knees?  How could a girl who was so articulate and personable become such a bubbling mess?

Starbucks girl decided to dish her story to me one day over lunch.  After she finished her very ‘romantic comedy’ styled story, I gave her my point of view.  I looked into her eyes and said, “You are the most amazing person, and you don’t need any Prince Charming to save you.  The sooner you accept the amazing person you are, the sooner your Prince Charming will come galloping to your side.”

The next day when Mr. Perfect came in for his regular coffee, Starbucks girl tried with all her effort to remain calm.  The coffee was ordered and made.  But, just before the coffee was handed to Mr. Perfect, Starbucks girl left her phone number on his cup.  Mr. Perfect smiled as he took his coffee and left without any sign of noticing Starbucks girl’s attempt of flirting.  After ten minutes, just before Starbucks girl was about to give up on her journey of love, she received a text message from Mr. Perfect.  “Dinner tonight?  Say 7pm at Panorama.”

And so the story ends.  Mr. Perfect took Starbucks girl out for dinner and they became fully charmed by one another.  And to this day the two have been happily coupled and will never forget how their love was first formulated with a Starbucks cup and a phone number.


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