A Fabulous Night Out With The Girls

girls_night_out_partyI wake up this morning with the taste of dirty martini on my breath!  I feel fabulous! Probably still a little drunk… and hoping everyone got a cab to their apartment after the bar last night because I can’t really remember how I got home.  But, that is what happens when these ladies get together and decide to take over Toronto.  And who are these women?  Well, let me tell you.

Jane is a sharp-tongued blonde who always has the wittiest thing to say.  Starting a career in International Business, this blonde bombshell has already made her mark in Australia, spreading her fabulousness down under.  All I can say is I am glad she is a good friend of mine because when she is mad she scares me!  Don’t piss this blonde off or you might end up with a stiletto in the side of your neck.

Amelia is a honey-brown brunette who always gets what she wants.  I clear idol to the young women of the PR world, she will stop at nothing to make it to the top.  She is always the first one to talk about the fabulous party she was invited to in some private club I haven’t even heard about.  When ever you are supposed to meet her at the club you can guarantee she has Prince Harry buying her wine.  She is kind, inspiring, and hilarious…. Oh and her pet peeve is weak women!

Classic_martini_by_Ken30684Then there is Kaitlyn!  The cute blonde that some how always hypnotizes the boys with her stunning looks.  She could easily fit into the Victoria Secret possy.  Always wearing the cutest shoes, she is taking over the business world by storm.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump puts her in charge of one of his empires.  And always smiling and happy… sometimes I wish she would share some of those percocets!

And las but not least my little fashionista, Monica.  Living the life of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ this young woman sleeps in designer apparel.  She started off as a fashion blogger that hit the scene so hard that she was invited exclusively to all parties at Fashion Week.  Not only can she get into all the best parties, but she actually is given front row seats at fashion shows so that the media can write about her presence.  With a show on TV about what not to wear and her constant articles in fashion magazines such as Flare, she is building her own little fashion empire while wearing her notorious pink ballet tutu.

When walking down towards a fabulous club on King St. everyone could hear us coming with the clicks on the pavement from the stilettos.  And as Kaitlyn talked to the girl with the clipboard we found ourselves skipping the line and joining the party!  As we all looked at each other and walked into the club I swear this was our theme song.


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