My New Year’s Resolution – Being Fabulous!

SP-Toronto_New-Years-Party-600x400As the clock strikes Midnight thousands of young hopefuls are kissing.  Whether you are smooching your perfect boyfriend, your best friend, or kissing a guy whose name you don’t remember, you are ultimately trying to create your prosperity for the new year.

But, what we don’t realize is that we give that new year’s good luck to ourselves! How is it that there is so much pressure on the new year’s kiss?  Is the guy you just met outside the washroom two minutes ago really going to bring you good luck for the new year?  I don’t quite think that is how it works.

I think creating your new year’s resolution is all about the lessons you learned from your previous year’s mistakes.  I think the only way to learn and further develop is by getting messy and making mistakes.  Because, how else will you realize what you don’t want in life!

So my new year’s resolution is to take each day as it comes, shoot for my dreams… and be fabulous!


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