The Most Important Relationship

IHeartMeHeader-540x360There once was a fabulous girl named Colleen. She had a wonderful apartment, was starting a great career, and was blessed with an amazing boyfriend. You would think she would have been the happiest girl in the world. But something was missing.

Colleen had a wonderful circle of friends. They would laugh together, share dating and relationship drama, and bitch about the small things of life. But, still Colleen felt empty.

Every day Colleen would try and improve herself as an individual. She followed a daily gym regiment to stay in shape and increase her daily endorphins. She would stay up-to-date on all the major news publications so that she always had something to talk about when at a party. But, still Colleen was

For there was one thing that Colleen didn’t have in her life. A relationship with herself. You may strive for the best cloths, the best job, or the best boyfriend. But if you do not nurture your personal time you will begin to lose yourself. For how can you live your life to the fullest if you do no nurture the most important relationship you have? The relationship you have with yourself.


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