Love and The Ballet

200trocks-200x0Last Wednesday was running… well pretty much like any other day of the week – with me running behind schedule.  An hour before the ballet begins at the Four Seasons Centre, I should be ok.  Boom – Construction! It never ceases to amaze me that on the days you just need a little bit of a time break God throws city construction your way.

I start texting my boyfriend to make sure he is on time himself.  “Hey, lots of construction on Queen, where r u?” He returns the message with a “Just about 2 leave the apt. Am I going 2 get there before u! ;P”  The harmless joke of me being behind schedule rubs me the wrong way as the st. car moves slower than the line of Cheval on a saturday night.  I respond with a short and snippy, “K!”

Just under an hour and the st. car finally makes it to the theatre.  I jump out and frantically run across University.  I get there to meet Tiffany and Alison already at the bar… but where is my boyfriend?  “You better hurry hunny, the ballet is about to start,” says Tiffany as she heads towards the theatre pulling Alison away from a cute guy she has attracted during the pre-ballet drink. Just then my boyfriend arrives with a big smile on his face, “hey babe!”  He quickly gives me a kiss on the forehead as I take no hesitation to get down to couples business.  “We need to discuss when we are getting back from your parent’s on Easter Weekend because I told Tessa we would meet her for brunch on the sunday.”

spice-up-marriage-date-night-800X800Watching incredibly skinny girls dancing in the arms of beautifully muscled men is not what I call fun, but I got a deal on the tickets so I thought it would be nice to have an evening of the arts with my man.  However, I found my mind flitting in and out of everything I needed to catch up on in my life, much like the skinny girls in point shoes on the stage.  I finally have a nice date night with my boyfriend and I can’t seem to control my brain.  Why can’t I just escape this moment and enjoy my time with this beautiful man who allows me to drag him out to boring ballet shows?  Why am I always struggling to keep my head above water with work and life?  And why can’t I get that extension I asked for?

Then, almost as smoothly as the principal male picked up the gorgeous ballet dancer, my boyfriend grabbed for my hand.  And just like that my mind was at rest and I was suddenly in the moment.  I was watching a beautiful ballet, with a beautiful man, and finally able to stop and appreciate my beautiful relationship.


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